Tested fire resistance

Safety is always important, day after day, night after night.
Protect your documents and valuables against fire, theft, sabotage and loss.

Optimal protection for your documents, paper documents, (digital) media, and valuables is provided by various Sistec and Salvus safe, which have been certified by the ECB-S and VdS. Many of our fire and burglary resistant safes are tested according to EN 15659 and EN 1047-1 (fire resistance) and EN 14450 and EN 1143-1 (burglary resistance)

On the label inside the safe or cupboard you will find numbers and information which enable you to determine the quality and security level provided by the safe or cupboard. The label shows that the safe or cupboard has been produced under controlled conditions. It also details the relevant tests that have been performed on the safe or cupboard, and the grade to which it conforms.
Please see an example of a ECB-S label for further explanation.

ECB-S (Germany) is the most recognised certifying body for fire and burglary resistant safes and cupboards. When safes and cupboards are certified by the ECB-S, you can count on:

  • Independently tested and certified safe or cupboard
  • Consistent high quality and regularly checked quality control
  • Best value for money
  • Guaranteed acceptance by insurers